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Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Treasures

One thing I love is collecting little treasures for our home.  Please understand that this was not always easy.  For many years there was simply no budget for such.  So if I was fortunate enough to find a nice piece at an estate sale, I counted it a blessing indeed.  Sometimes, it fit my tastes and likes and budget so well that it almost felt as if providence had left it there just for me to find. I counted each one of these things as "little treasures".  My sculpture here is one of those little treasures.

"The Ring" is a fairly well-known piece by Russian-born Sculptor, David Fisher.  Fisher studied at a Greek Art College in Odessa.  He is known for his works in marble, granite and wood.  He has 15 pieces in museums throughout the USSR.   His latest works include a tribute to the Holocaust Victims, with one sculpture in the Hollywood Musuem and one in Boca Ratan.  Born David Fedorovic Fisher, the artist turned 83 in 2011.  He's lived in the United States since sometime in 1970 and one of his latest works was a bust of President Obama.    Fisher designed my sculpture, "The Ring", over 30 years ago, in 1980. Because it depicts the lasting bond of love and committment between a man and a woman, it instantly caught my eye.  Although many of Fisher's work are huge pieces, he is also known for pieces, such as this, that promote love, and women. 

Fisher once said, "Of course I have in mind woman as the embodiment of all that is beautiful."   

To learn more about the artist and his work, you can visit his website at 

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