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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's the Little Things That Make a House A Home...

It's in the details.  The smallest of things can make a house feel more like a home.  Things that say "you".   My home may not appeal to anyone else but so long as it is a place that makes my husband and son and I smile, then it is "home".    Comfortable.  Textures.  Colors.  Natural.  Wood. Stone. Metal.  I love all these things and have tried to incorporate them all into our home's ecletic look.  I'm influenced by my love of tuscan decorating but since I don't happen to have a villa in Milan, I also try to stay true to my home and it's surroundings..that being the picturesque Southern Appalachian Mountains.  So my home takes on a look all it's own.  A little bit country (bits and pieces of furniture that my husband had before we married)...a little bit tuscany (my color choices and penchant for ironworks and metal scrollwork and color scheme) and a little bit woodsy cabin (the fireplace, hardwood, and wooden rocking chair that was a Christmas gift from my husband last year).    But long gone are the days when I bought "beds in a bag" and worked from strict "themes".  Oh, I went through my "emerald" phase, and my "mauve" phase and even my "blue phase".  But now, It's more about the naturals for me.  Colors, textures, and materials that are found in nature are what I am drawn to now in my 50's.   I have always loved solid pieces.  Things that 'last' and have staying power. 

I love the metal and glass of this candy dish. 
So you won't find any one "theme" throughout our home, except the theme of "us".  And developing that look has been and continues to be a true labor of love.  An item added here, a touch there.  It all adds up to make the look that is entirely and uniquely our own.  The love is in the details, and, it's the little things that make a home. 

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  1. I, too, believe it's all in the details and am not near as much theme oriented in decorating as I used to be. I love to create a style that's all my own with influences of Country French blended with modern chic.